Bar Brawler P-Bass

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Love to play dive bars?   Like a raunchy p-bass tone that you can push hard enough to make it break up?  This might be the bass for you.   It's a 20th anniversary blue squier body  with a roasted maple USA Custom guitars neck with a vintage Van Nuys, California super hot Schecter pickup, crazy pickguard and totally awesome elctroharmonix sticker on it.   The body, sticker, and pickup played some pretty gnarly gigs with me at the full moon club in Memphis, the Hi-Tone , and a couple New Orleans shows back in the day.   The neck is oil and wax and smooth like a baby's butt , but lets not overlook the badass IV bridge.   It's a neat mix of rock brutality and ultimate comfy playability with a set of Labella super flexy medium light prescription strings to plunk or pick yourself into infamy.